Technical Assurance

Improve competitiveness through scientific and technological innovation, and lead the industry for technological reform
  • Patented Technology

  • Enterprise Qualification

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Patented Technology

138 authorized patents, 13 invention patents, 123 utility model patents and 60 software copyrights
  • Steel support axial force compensation system

    7 invention patents to increase the failure-free operation length and reduce the working hours

  • Steel support axial force multi-point synchronization system

    2 invention patents to realize large-span and multi-angle steel support construction with high stability and installation precision

  • Large-span steel support technology

    7 patents to reduce cost, shorten construction period and increase the excavation space

  • Joist system for the support frame

    3 invention patents and general-purpose φ48 and φ60 ringlock scaffold systems to facilitate erection and reduce material consumption

  • Intelligent management system of aerial operation equipment

    1 invention patent to monitor equipment status on a real-time basis and efficiently manage the lifecycle of the equipment

  • Safety protection and intelligent alarm technology for aerial operation equipment

    2 patents to reduce failure and shutdown rates and realize overload protection

Corporate Qualifications

Professional Contractor of Ground and Foundation Engineering (2012)

Professional Contractor of Formwork and Scaffold (2014)

Brand Enterprise of Steel Support Bailey Truss of National Building Materials Leasing and Contracting Industry (2019)

Training center for aerial work platforms by International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) (2019)

Special-grade Enterprise in National Formwork and Scaffold Leasing and Contracting Industry (2018)

"Brand Enterprise of Ringlock Scaffold" by China Construction Materials Rental Contractor Association (2018)

Technical Awards

The research and application project of key technologies in the intelligent control system of steel support axial force won "China Machinery General Scientific and Technological Prize"

Gold Prize in the 2nd "Wenma" Cup National Ringlock Scaffold Erection Contest (2016)

The project of "key technologies for steel support axial force monitoring and intelligent compensation equipment and their application" was awarded with the "Shanghai Municipal 3rd Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress" (2016)

Service Assurance

Always at your service around the clock

Safety Assurance

Thanks to the coordination effects of product lines and service categories, CDHORIZON provides all-round service portfolios of rental, engineering technical services, platforms and other services (including subleasing of equipment and materials, sales of equipment, materials and spare parts) to thoroughly improve its market competitiveness.

  • Safety Concepts

    Based on zero accident and injury, safety will be our core competitiveness

  • Safety Actions

    In the top-down safety leadership structure, all members participate in the shift safe construction

  • Equipment Safety

    Strategic equipment supply relationship is established with brand manufacturers to obtain complete and effective safety devices

  • Personnel Safety

    Systematic safety education and training ensures that only qualified and licensed operators take the posts

  • Customer Safety

    Intimate safety guide services are combined with professional technical scheme supports

  • Environmental Protection

    We uphold the concept of green development, popularize and apply environmental construction processes and products

Service Outlets

CDHORIZON has 4 operation bases in Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangzhou, and a cluster outlet layout in key regions of China to form an operation service network affecting the whole country.

  • Nationwide business operation network

    Service assurance outlets and teams can be found all over the country, and fulll-process information management and efficient operation maximize values.

  • Nationwide customer service network

    Our teams are always at your service and can rapidly respond to customers' demands and solve their problems whenever and wherever.

  • Nationwide spare part supply network

    Thousands of spare part varieties are available to support rapid response and efficient equipment operation around the clock.

  • Nationwide logistics and transport network

    We cooperate with local class-A logistics service providers and efficiently dispatch logistic transport trucks and engineering service vehicles to stay next to customers and station all construction sites.

Jiading in Shanghai
Nansha in Guangzhou
Jinshan in Shanghai
Wuqing in Tianjin

International Market

CDHORIZON has established business exchange and cooperation with over 10 countries and regions in Southeast Asia and Central East, including India, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, etc.; and set up branches in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam, etc.

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