Social Responsibility

  • Help urban construction and upgrading

    As a responsible enterprise, CDHORIZON always keeps in mind of the mission of "More safe and efficient production and operation for customers", starts from actual operation to combine the characteristics of its 6 product lines with the demands from the interested parties, actively identifies key issues in social responsibility, understands and responds to expectations and demands for interested parties as an assistant to the urban construction of China with better machinery and equipment and stronger technical service team to realize environmental, high-efficient and intelligent upgrade.

  • Create advantages for our company and others, and serve the society

    While creating economic values, CDHORIZON is actively participating in a series of social welfare activities in fields of education financial support, poverty relief, medical assistance and volunteer services organized by Far East Horizon's public welfare foundation to fulfill its social responsibilities and make contributions to public welfare. CDHORIZON has helped vulnerable groups solve their problems, contributed to the improvement of people's livelihood and the harmonious development of the society, and encouraged employees to contribute to the community as participants and charity fund-raisers.

Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

The CDHORIZON Neo-excavation Support System Department has enhanced technologies for the purpose of energy conservation and emission reduction, and persistently built various green works to assist China in the realization of peak carbon dioxide emissions in 2030 and carbon neutral in 2060 by reducing constructions wastes of about 6,000t/y and carbon emission of about 500,000t for the society. The Neo-Excavation Support System Department has been cooperating with professionals in the industry to research green engineering technologies and carried out various forms of technical exchanges to popularize the new processes in nearly 50 cities of China.

  • 6,000t/y
    Reduction of construction wastes
  • 500,000t/y
    Reduction of carbon emission
  • 50
    Popularization cities

Scientific and Technological Innovation

CDHORIZON alway addresses scientific and technological innovation and leads the industry development. Insisting on the combination of "Industry, Education and Research", CDHORIZON devoted to innovation in products and processes to provide more safe, environmental and economic solutions; Big Data, internet and IOT technologies are applied to structure a digital and intelligent operation system, to empower businesses with science and technology, and to provide efficient and superior services for customers.

By continuously making innovation in and improving the temporary steel structure products and construction processes, CDHORIZON is an early practitioner of green and intelligent foundation pit product series and prefabricated steel trestle bridge products, and undertaker of green projects with superior technologies; the formwork system products are designed on a tailoring basis to ensure product safety and quality, and meet the personalized demands of different construction projects.
The Equipment Intelligent Management System (EIM) was officially released in 2017 to realize the lifecycle intelligent equipment management based on geographical information positioning, bus and data collection, and radio communication, including intelligent equipment dispatching, logistics tracking, automatic prompt for maintenance, patrol and spot inspections, inquiry of failure case library, intelligent failure diagnosis, failure/alarm analysis, one-key patrolling, electronic fence, and full-asset status tracking, etc. Information technology is used to reduce manual operation, while the online and offline integration is leveraged to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of assets management, so as to create more values for customers.
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